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Do “The Flip”

Wondering how to stand out from the crowd?  How do you get your target audience’s attention?  David Newman’s book “Do It Marketing:  77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, Crush Your Competition” recommends one way to attract attention is by listening to what your buyers are saying, find out what they need/want, then tell them how you can help their problem.

Creative ideas

 First, listen to your customers, write down what they actually say to you, then try to flip their statements into your solution statement.

For example, my patients might say to me, “I want to hear my wife”.  According to Newman, in my advertising, I should flip that statement so I am the anecdote to my potential patient’s problem.  Therefore, I could put on a flyer:  “Hear your wife the first time.”  This statement could catch the attention of anyone who cannot seem to hear their wife most of the time.  (When they WANT to hear them, but that’s a whole different topic!)

Here’s another example:  Gold Bond makes a powder that’s soft, dries things up, helps with chafing, etc.  I probably don’t need to tell you what is on the front of all their advertising:  “Triple Action Relief”.  The lesson here?  Stop listing all of the features, gadgets, ingredients, and way you go about filling someone’s need.  Simply flip all of what goes on in your mind and be the simple solution.  Pick up David Newman’s book a broader explanation.

Share with us how you “Do the Flip”.

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