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Marketing your products and/or services is essential if you want others to know you exist.  There are several forms of marketing and most believe it is wise to be active in all types at the same time.

Major types of marketing:

  • External Marketing (obtaining new customers)
  • Internal Marketing (keeping your current customers)

Major kinds of marketing strategies:

  • Word of Mouth Marketing – Possibly the oldest kind.  It can be the cheapest and most effective.

  • Social Media Marketing – Newest kind.  It is easily able to be tracked.

  • Shotgun Marketing – Marketing to a very broad audience.  Very difficult to track.  Good for trying to get your name or brand out.

  • Rifle Marketing – Marketing to specific individuals. (ie. direct mail postcard)  It can easily be tracked.  Most costly per individual, yet can have a higher response.  It is believed that shotgun marketing should be conducted prior to rifle marketing, so the name and brand is familiar, and you may receive an even better response.

Here is a list of books, magazines, websites, and YouTube videos you too may find helpful:








  • WSJ Weekend – The Wall Street Journal Weekend edition give a great synopsis of the week and delivers only Saturdays
  • New York Times




YouTube Videos:




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