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Tips from Other Women

This list will grow as time goes on.  If you have anything to share, please post it below or email Dawn Heiman at dheiman@helpingyourhearing.com.



Dawn Heiman


“‘Throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.’That’s what I think about marketing.  There’s no guarantee what you’ve chosen to do and/or how to spend your money is going to work.  Just because it was right for someone else, doesn’t guarantee it will be right for you.  There are a great many variables that come into play:  your target audience, the timing, the neighborhood, or even current trends.  If you don’t try, you won’t know, AND don’t forget to learn from the past.”

Dawn W. Heiman, AuD

Audiologist and Owner of Advanced Audiology Consultants, LLC in Oak Brook, Illinois


“Work with experts who enjoy (love) marketing.  Have conversations and brainstorming sessions about what they have seen work for other clients and try a few.  I would be happy to share a few that have worked in my past.”

Belle Cohen

Business Development and Life Coach in Illinois


“My quote for you:  ‘You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than by trying to get people interested in you.’ by Dale Carnegie”

Mary Wu

Virtual Assistant


“Take the time to connect with your strongest potential referral sources.  They may be peers in your industry who can cross-refer business to you.  They may be people in related industries that will have a first hand knowledge of potential clients for you.  They may be people in a networking group located in your target market.  For CPAs, these people can be attorneys, bankers, investment advisors or peers that do not practice in your niche.  Connect and cross-refer business to them and you should notice results.”

Diane Helms, CPA

Accountant at Stancil & Company, Raleigh, NC

 “Spend 30 minutes every morning reading industry news / events / periodicals.”

Alie Johnson

Account Executive, Unitron Hearing US

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  1. January 14, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    Vary what marketing you do. For example we are on line, we go to networking events, we are in chambers, in the phone book (yes we get calls), pass out flyers, do home improvement shows, do direct mail like Clipper. The good old’e saying “it takes money to make money” is true. If you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone and spend some money than IDK?? One thing may work at one time, and another may work at a different time. Pull the trigger on something. And when you find it works keep it going until it doesn’t work so hot any more. Try new things. For example this year we are going to go “door knocking”. It is way out of my comfort zone, but why not? Other Painting companies do it? Have yard signs made, care magnets, talk to people in grocery stores. Always be promoting to everyone. Find out what other successful people in your industry do. How do they market? Spend some time researching other people that do what I do to see what they are doing that I am not. I am always trying to find a new way to market. I’m on a mission for the “next best idea” Change your mojo often. Look at McDonalds. They always come out with something new to create interest again and again.

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