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Why We’re Here

Dawn Heiman wants to give back by providing information for women who are in business and no longer want to be “the best kept secret”.

This website was created so she can not only share with others what books, periodicals, and websites she has found helpful, but also learn from other women about what has worked for them.  The goal is enable women from ALL industries to collaborate and learn from each other to help improve their position in the marketplace.  “United we stand, divided we fall.” – Aesop

Dawn Heiman is a licensed audiologist who has started and run several audiology practices. Despite earning her masters and doctoral degrees, her audiology training did not prepare her for the business aspect of running a hearing healthcare business. Therefore, she has sought out marketing information on her own.

To contact her, simply email her at dheiman@helpingyourhearing.com . Enjoy the site!

Dawn W. Heiman, AuD

Dawn W. Heiman, AuD

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